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Each of our products can be updated via software updates (rewrite software) to improve their working functions or add functionality.

Rewriting method of the firmware

  • What you need to rewrite
Additionaly to the software, a converter device will be necessary for your windows PC to communicate with our products. Here are the following:

TACHYON / AIRIA / TAO ··· update device kit (OP87052)
TAOⅡ ... TAOⅡ USB cable supplied with the 
unit Blaine ... Blaine unit dedicated update USB adapter (OP15025) and that comes with the TAOⅡ USB cable 
Windows PC (XP · I supports 32bit / 64bit OS of Vista · 7 · 8 · 8.1)

  • Update procedure of the new firmware
① Start by downloading the software required for your device below. Then install the software on your Windows PC.
Note that due to the Windows driver authentication service, your software might not fully install and might require you to manually install the drivers.
For this procedure, please go to the troubleshooting section at the bottom of the page.  
② Then, look for the latest firmware available for your device in the list below and download it on your PC.
③ Finally, start the "update tool" that you installed in ①, Then follow the instruction shown in the software to upload your new firmware to your device.
 It should be noted that each software has its own set of instruction. These instruction might not be displayed at the same location. Make sure to inspect the software interface.

List of Softwares

  • Tachyon / Tao dedicated
Acuvance Update-168 Ver.1.0 (Release date August 26, 2013) TACHYON Download

  • Tachyon Airia dedicated
Acuvance Update-8051 Ver.1.0 (Release date August 26, 2013) TACHYON AIRIA Download


  • TAOⅡ <Second> Brain unit dedicated

Acuvance V1.1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ver.1.1 (Release Date, October 29, 2013) TAOⅡ Download

Acuvance V3.5
Ver.3.5 (Published September 30, 2015) TAOⅡ Download

• The revamped graphic design, it improves the operating stability. (From Ver1.1) 
it is now possible of editing and printing the ESC setting data by · PC. (from Ver3.5 ) 

List of Firmwares:


e00129.kyc Ver.1.5 (Release date August 26, 2013) TACHYON Download

  • - Latest Performance improvement.

  • For TACHYON Earia


Upon using the Airia ESC please ensure the firmware correspond to your update device.
The firmware for TAO will not be compatible with the TAO II, and vice versa. 
Please make sure to choose according to your programming device for proper operation.

(TAO dedicated firmware)

B108121.kyc (0b.10.81.21) Ver.3.1 (Published September 25, 2013) TACHYON AIRIA Download

(TAO Ⅱ <Second> dedicated firmware)

B10f016.kyc (0B.10.F0.16) Ver.4.3 (Release date August 9, 2016) TACHYON AIRIA Download

- It is the firmware dedicated for the TAO II after Ver.1.4 with added adjustment items concerning throttle feeling and improved the pairing process with brain unit. 
* In addition to upgrading TAO II, please be sure to also update AIRIA. (If you do not update AIRIA, additional functions of TAOⅡ Ver.1.4 or later can not be used.) 

Important Control program near the neutral point differs from firmware before Ver. 4.1 (B10f014.kyc). For this reason, when updating from Ver. 4.1 or earlier firmware, please updated the firmware with the car off the floor (because the neutral point will be shifted due to the update and the motor may start rotating at a low speed), once update is completed Be sure to do "Initial setting of the radio throttle position (Airier owner's manual P.6)" again afterwards. 

Since Ver. 4.1 (B10f014.kyc), in order to reduce the stress on driving gear, battery, motor and ESC, we added a special throttle control program that prevents the occurrence of overcurrent due to sudden switching to reverse → forward. 
Details (Please be sure to check)

Note) When using with TAO, please install the above «TAO Dedicated Firmware Ver. 3.1».

  • TAOⅡ for <Second>

Ver.1.4 Ver.1.4 (Release date August 9, 2016) TAO Ⅱ Download

- A new setting item "Free zone adjustment" has been added that enables fine feeling adjustment at the moment of shifting the throttle from neutral to drive side. 
· Brain unit It is now possible to store PIN codes for multiple units on the SD card, select them and pair them.

Details about this additional function are here

* In conjunction with the upgrade of TAO II, please be sure to also update AIRIA (to Ver. 4.3 or later). (If AIRIA has not been updated, additional functions of TAO II Ver.1.4 or later can not be used)

(Important) Notes on updating TAO II before Ver.1.2 to Ver. 1.3 or later Since System Ver. 1.3 or
later, since the system has been changed drastically, format (initialize) the Micro SD card after the update is completed We need you. 
At this time, all the user setting data saved so far will be deleted, so write down the necessary data on the memo paper etc before formatting, please enter the data again after updating and formatting. 
Please use also as a memo ) 
We deeply apologize for this issue. Please be warned files cannot be recovered once the SD card is formatted.

[How to format (initialize) Micro SD card]

* As of Ver.1.3 and later, SD card format required for updating is unnecessary

* Ver.1.2 or later adds / improves the following functions 

【Data logger】
Various data during traveling «Battery voltage · Motor rotation speed · Throttle position · ESC temperature · Motor temperature (when using temperature sensor OP 15015 for motor) · Vehicle speed »In real time on the screen. 
[Owner's Manual (latest version) P. 12 lower row] 
Main screen [Data Logger] → [REAL-TIME DATA] → [Determination of data acquisition interval] → To real-time data display screen 

【Improvement of operability】
Each setting value When you change, you can tap the right (►) or left (◄) of the wheel pad so that the setting value can be increased / decreased at high speed. 
[Owner's Manual (latest version) P.4 upper row]] 

[New function added]
is possible to set ON / OFF of sleep mode and auto power off function, and the time until each function operates. 
[Owner's Manual (latest version) P.16 Upper row] 
Main screen Change setting with [Setting] → [Off Time Setting]> 

Click here for the latest version instruction manual

  • For Brain unit

Ver.2.0 Ver.2.0 (Published August 4, 2015)

- This update is corresponding to the i-Light] intelligent · LED light system

  • For TAO

(TACHYON / TACHYON AIRIA Compatible with both firmware)

P00211.pkc Ver.2.2 (Published September 25, 2013) TAO Download

- Improved performance. 
• The firmware working for both "TACHYON" and "TACHYON AIRIA" will have the following features removed. 
* Infrared radiation thermometer 
* Calendar Clock 
* stopwatch

(TACHYON dedicated firmware)

A00111.PKC Ver.1.2 (Publication date December 4, 2014) TAO Download

- For data link with the TACHYON only. 
Infrared radiation thermometer / calendar / clock / stopwatch functions can be used.

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