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Returns, Cancels and Refunds

Please contact us first at and receive prior approval for your item return, repairs or exchange.

Never file a Dispute Case through PayPal.
We will not accept that request and you will not be able to receive a refund in this method.
Be sure to EMAIL ACUVANCE USA Customer Service first.
That's the best way for you.

You will be responsible for retuned shipping fees incurred to send the item(s)back to us.
When you return the item(s), please include a copy of the original invoice, and write your name, e-mail address, and
phone number.

Warranty period:

The warranty period for products sold by ACUVANCE USA is 3 months from purchase date.

Conditions for warranty services:

1.The warranty period is 3 monthS from the date of purchase.
2.Internal electronic circuitry Damage caused by incorrect connection (Battery reverse connection), inter-terminal shorting on ESC and motor or abusive driving is not covered by warranty.
3. Note that this device will not be covered under warranty if the housing has been opened.
4. ACUVANCE assumes no responsibility for damage to the receiver or servo etc. caused by the incorrect connection of this product.
5.If it is used in combination with other than ACUVANCE products, it will not be covered by the warranty even during the warranty period.
6. Note that if the repair card (located in instruction manual) is not properly filled out, repair and return of the ESC may be delayed.

7. Any items modified from their original version (change of connectors, capacitors, shortened wires) will not be accepted for exchange or refund. Only repair will be allowed.
8. ACUVANCE assumes no responsibility for damage or losses that occur during transportation. Please take note of this beforehand.

Replacement Program:
For products that warranty has expired, or products that have been damaged by the customer due to incorrect usage such as reverse connection of the battery, only some motors and ESCs can be replaced with new ones at a lower price than the regular sales price.

Please use them if applicable.

If ACUVANCE confirms the cancellation request and reply email to customer after the order is placed and before the product is shipped, it can be canceled.
Within one month after the item arrives, you can cancel by confirming the cancellation by e-mail and returning the unopened item as it is.
After receiving the product at ACUVANCE, we will check that the product is unopened and unused before refunding, but if there is a history of opening or using, we may not be able to refund the full price of the product.

However, the customer is responsible for all round-trip shipping charges and fees charged by financial institutions such as credit card companies and PayPal.
AUVANCE USA does not accept returns or refunds for unused products that have been sold for more than 1 month.

Regarding cancellation of orders before shipping and refund of product price according to other contracts
When refunding to a customer, ACUVANCE will not pay for the fees automatically charged by the credit card company, PayPal, etc. at the time of ordering and refunding.

Delivery Confirmation:
Whether or not the product package shipped from ACUVANCE has arrived will be determined based on the results of the delivery confirmation of each carrier such as USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.
ACUVANCE is not responsible for any loss and damages after shipping of the package.

Service target:
Regarding Returns, Cancels and Refunds, we will only deal with items purchased directly by the customer from the ONLINE store on this page managed by ACUVANCE USA. Purchases made at any other hobby shop, retail outlet or online store are not eligible.
In that case, please consult the store where you purchased the product.

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