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The performance of your XARVIS XX changes dramatically.!

XARVIS XX new firmware Ver. 2.2 is released.
Please update your XARVIS XX to the latest firmware.

Download new Firmware Ver. 2.2

This firmware update has the greatest effect ever on the performance of the XX.Ver.

In order to protect the FETs from high load starting and instantaneous output from partial to throttle on, a large current suppression was added to the software in the past. However, as a result of long-term testing, we have come to the conclusion that there is no problem with the FET load.
With the new firmware Ver. 2.2, power is transmitted directly to the motor when the throttle on. For that reason, the response when the throttle is turned on from neutral is considerably improved. You can feel big difference.

The response of the throttle and direct feeling are even better, so you can control it freely, especially when chacing in tandem run.

If you use 5 to 6 as the standard for free zone adjustment in the setting and lower the number from there, you can easier to find your favorite throttle feel.

All XARVIS XX shipped from ACUVANCE USA will be Ver. 2.2 after November 30, 2022.

Update Device Kit III is required to update ACUVANCE electronic devices.

When updating XARVIS XX, please update without turning on the power of ESC.
Please check the update page for details.
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