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Firmware update

Important matter
Currently, this function can only be configured by those in a conditions where ESC settings are possible on TAO III.
Do not update yet, If you don't meet the above conditions.

New Feature
The setting items for 4 functions of XARVIS XX and RAD have been expanded.

  Drive Frequency  (35~64kHz)
  Turbo Timing  (31~60deg.)
  Turbo on slope  (26~50deg./0.1sec.)
  Turbo off slope  (26~50deg./0.1sec.)
These updates allow for improved feel of maneuverability, stability, traction, and acceleration.

Note 1
Currently, you also must use the latest update of TAO III to configure these new ranges.

Note 2
Please save the current ESC data before updating. The new update will remove tune data.

Note 3
After installing the new firmware, if you do not perform a write operation on the TAO III once, the set value will not be recognized by S.bus even if it is from the previous value

Note 4
If you set new extended value range with new firmware, the transmitter will not be able to read the ESC data even if you access the ESC via S.bus. This issue will be resolved when the Futaba firmware is updated.

Note 5
However, even if S.bus tuning is disabled, your transmitter can still display telemetry information such as RPM, motor temp, ESC temp, voltage, etc.

Note 6
If you can set new values using TAO III, you will not be able to check the data with the transmitter using S.bus, but you will be able to experience the new great performance of ESC

Note 7
If you wish to retain wireless tuning through S.bus, simply return your tune to the previous value range.

Previous Value Range
  Drive Frequency: 1-32kHz
  Turbo Timing: 0-30
  Turbo on slope: 1-25
  Turbo off slope: 1-25


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