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Product damage prevention

Tips for not breaking


ACUVANCE products are designed for the best performance for RC car maneuvering with strict manufacturing quality control. However, if used improperly, it may cause malfunctions and sometimes damage the electronic board.

We receive repair requests from some customers because the electronic board is broken due to reverse battery connection, poor connection between the motor and Speed ​​Controller, poor soldering, etc.

Main reasons for ESC and motor damage
* The following are common sense handling precautions common to general RC car speed controllers and motors, not limited to ACUVANCE products.

⚫️ Symptoms
・ Throttle does not respond
・ Can not turned on
・ Abnormal fever
・ Smoking
・ Cooling fan does not rotate

⚫️ Cause
・ Battery reverse connection   
       (* XARVIS XX has a reverse connection protection circuit for a very short time, but it does not completely protect the ESC from reverse connection.)
・ Short circuit due to defective connector or soldering
・ Loose connector
・ Contact failure using a connector other than ACUVANCE
・ Program change is not completed
・ Excessively high rotation range of the motor (Recommend rpm: Under 100,000 rpm)
・ Improper balance of pinion gear mounting on the motor
・ Failure of the main board due to the use of FAN made by another manufacture.

Enjoy RC hobby with proper handling of RC car power source!

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