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The ACUVANCE silicon cable has an ultra-high density core wire to reduce electrical resistance as much as possible. Very good in terms of electrical conduction efficiency.

ACUVANCE pursues "high efficiency" in all the parts that make up ESC.
Of course, silicon cables are no exception, and more than 1000 ultra-fine core wires are packed in a cross section with a diameter of several millimeters to ensure a high density.
Higher density cores means less wasted space in the same cable cross-sectional area. By increasing the density, you can obtain the "resistance value" that has been lowered to the limit and the extremely high "current density".

The "high-density cable" those effect is theoretically supported by electrophysics has the following merits.
1. Improvement of fuel efficiency.
2. A feeling of torque and power can be obtained because the battery power is transmitted to the motor more directly without waste.
3. Since the cable itself generates low heat, wasteful heat generation inside the chassis can be suppressed.
4. Minimize increased cable resistance due to heat generation.
5. Cable layout is easy because the cable itself is soft due to the adoption of ultra-fine core wire.

Silicone Cable Line-up.

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