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●Brushless motor rotor damage

Common brushless motors, not just ACUVANCE products, rotate at a very high rpm. Therefore, sudden power-on or use at excessive rpm may damage the rotor. We do not recommend using it at 100,000 rpm or more, as it will apply unnecessary load to the rotor and lead to damage.

Also, when closing the motor case, such as when replacing the rotor, be careful to tighten the case all screws with even torque. If the screws on the motor case are not evenly tightened, the shaft may not be perpendicular to the case, and if the motor is rotated in this state, the rotor's axis of rotation will wobble and be easily damaged.

Please note that damage to the motor due to customer's human error as described above may not be covered by the warranty even if it is within the warranty period.

● Soldering the connector

Rough soldering of the motor cable and connector may cause a short circuit with the adjacent terminal. In this state, spark discharge occurs when a large current is generated, etc., which may lead to motor blow or ESC short circuit.

Soldering takes some getting used to, but please be especially careful when soldering the connector. If the solder protrudes more than necessary, cut or scrape it, and be careful not to short the connector.

Please note that damage to the motor or ESC due to the above customer's human error may not be covered by the warranty even if it is within the warranty period.

●Connector maintenance

Not only ACUVANCE products, but also general ESCs and motors are connected via connectors, where a large current flows. If you plug and unplug the connector many times, the gold plating on the surface may be damaged or peeled off, or the connector itself may be deformed, preventing normal conduction. If the ESC is used as it is, the connector may fail to conduct electricity, which may damage the ESC's internal board and cause irreparable damage to the ESC. In order to avoid this failure, we recommend cleaning and maintenance or replacement to the new connectors.

Please note that damage to the ESC due to a defective connector is not covered by the warranty.


See below for correcting connector deformation.

Our cross-cut type connector gradually tilts inward as shown in the photo by repeatedly inserting and removing the connector. In this state, the energization situation is insufficient and sufficient power cannot be obtained. Furthermore, it may cause power failure, serious damage to the ESC and capacitors, etc.



If the connector is tilted, insert a metal rod or the like from the front of the connector to push the terminals outward. 

*Please note that the terminal will break if it is spread too much. 

*For a Φ4.0mm connector, we recommend a 2.0mm hex driver, and for a Φ3.5mm connector, a 1.5mm hex driver is recommended.



If it returns to a well-formed circle like the one in the picture, the electricity will be restored. However, if the surface of the connector is burnt or dust (solder) adheres, etc., it is recommended that the connector be replaced because the current electricity state has deteriorated.

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