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How to restore communication S.bus system


If your ACUVANCE ESC is unable to communicate with your Futaba transmitter via the S.bus adapter, please try the following steps as a workaround.



・The ESC and motor are connected with a sensor cable.
・The battery is correctly connected + - (Be careful not to connect it in reverse).


[Action 1]


If the neutral position of the transmitter is shifted (the same state as when driving), the specification is such that input/output signals related to setting changes are not accepted via S.bus adapter.
It is solved by matching the neutral position with the initial setting of ESC.



[Steps]  (It is also described on page 6 of the instruction manual.)

1)    Press and hold the POWER button (left button) from the ESC power off state → Green LED flashes

  Green LED flashes


2)    Press the POWER button once with the throttle position in neutral. → Green LED flashing changes to Blue LED flashing

  Blue LED flashing


3)     Press the POWER button once at full throttle → Blue LED flashing changes to a Red LED flashing.

  Red LED flashing


4)     Press the POWER button once with full braking → All LEDs blink 3 times→Setting completed

  All LEDs blink 3 times


  Blue LED and Orange LED lit (Orange LED lit when backing up is possible)



Resetting the neutral position is completed.

After confirming that the setting mode is switched to LINK mode (Owner's Manual P.10), if there is no problem with S.BUS communication, the correction is complete.




If it still doesn't work after trying [Action 1], try [Action 2] please.

[Action 2]


During wireless communication between multiple electronic devices related to RC car control, there are rare cases where setting data that is not in the original data is written to the ESC due to radio interference.
In this case, you will not be able to read/write ESC data from the transmitter using the S.BUS function.
(There is no effect on throttle operation from the transmitter while driving.)




It can be solved by overwriting the preset data installed in ESC.


1)    When the ESC power is on and Red LED is lit (blinking), press and hold the SET button (right button) to change the Blue LED to lit or blinking.

  Blue LED lit or flashing


2)    Press the SET button once                   → Repeated blinking of Green LED twice

  Repeated blinking of Green LED twice


3)    Press and hold the SET button              → The LED lit in either state (varies depending on the mode)

 Green LED lit in drift mode, other colors in other modes 


4)    Press the SET button repeatedly until Green LED lit (repeats 7 patterns the SET button is pressed)

  Green LED lit


5)    Press and hold the SET button              → Green LED repeats blinking twice

  Green LED repeats blinking twice



6)    Press the SET button four times quickly   → After All LEDs blink, Green LED lit

  All LEDs blink


  Green LED lit


7)    Press and hold the SET button              → Data correction completed

  Blue LED lit, Orange LED lit (reversing possible)


The ESC data reset is complete.

Switch the setting mode to LINK mode again (Owner's Manual P.10), execute S.BUS communication, and if there are no problems, the correction is complete.





If S.bus communication is not possible even after trying the above, please contact ACUVANCE customer service.

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