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TAO II / Complete Set

MSRP: $229.50
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Item Number: 60431
Manufacturer: ACUVANCE
Manufacturer Part No: 60431

An effecter for exclusive use of TACHYON AIRIA.

TAO II is AIR DRIVE EFFECTER which enabled a wide variety of vehicle control by interactive wireless communication by Bluetooth. Also it is greatly improving performance of the AIRIA.
Generally, the program card for E.S.C. is external equipment to more easily operate various set points programmed beforehand by an E.S.C. 
In contrast, many users give a high evaluation of TAO as a setting device to be able to write in a new program.

TAO II enabled the setting that was more detailed and up to the setting of the Boost and Turbo not to mention each frequency and drive and brakes-related feeling depending on a category and a course layout for the cause by the data from a user of the use in TAO.
You can easily confirm these setting on your hand. Also the changing setting and transferring to AIRIA is possible via Bluetooth.
In addition, TAO II can display the change of various data** on a running vehicle.
**(E.S.C./ motor temperature or battery voltage etc.)
You can control the various devices that will be release planned via a brain unit in future.
TAO II is a totally new development type effecter that unifies the whole vehicle and controls.

Main Features.

1. Hi Quality Smart-Design
It adopts the aluminum panel of the champagne gold on the main body back.

2. Improvement of the visibility

You can easily confirm each setting data via 2.2inch TFT color LCD.

Touch scroll button. It’s the first among this industry.

By the use of the wheel pad, intuitive operability greatly improved.

4. Large expansion of the E.S.C. setting points.
TAO II enlarged a menu that more detailed setting was enabled. In this way, it can show enough AIRIA original performances.
a.Drive frequency
It can completely set each frequency to greatly influence operation feeling independently.
* Own system technology by ACUVANCE
The set point came to be largely and more detail.  
1 - 2KHz step in 0.5KHz or 1KHz - 32KHz.
b.Break power frequency
Separately from drive frequency setting, you can set the strength of initial speed neutral brakes every 2% step each in the range of 0 to 50% or 0 to 100%
c.Large expansion of the Boost and Turbo function
It has 11 kinds of setting items by boost and turbo function.
Because we made many set points in detail, you can set strong acceleration and the slow control freely.
d.Rev limit function
You can set the upper limit of the motor RPM.

5. Valuable pre-set program. (See the detail in Pre-set Parameters)
It has five kinds of programs to pre-set according to a category.
Because you can change all parameters depending on preference from each program to pre-set, you can do setting easily.

6. Realization of the two-way communication using Bluetooth (Via Brain unit)
You can transmit the contents which you set in TAO II to AIRIA via Bluethooth.In addition, you can confirm a set point on current E.S.C. with a screen of TAO II through Bluetooth.

7. Vibration alert function   (Battery voltage and E.S.C. temperature etc.)
When battery voltage or motor temperature arrived at the value which you set beforehand, TAOII vibrates and notices a driver to avoid trouble.

Data logging function

Various temperature, Battery voltages, Motor RPM, Throttle work etc.

Graph display data information
In addition to current data, TAO II displays graph data the last 3 kinds at the same time.
* Own system technology by ACUVANCE
Because you can easily compare the change of the running condition by this function, you can confirm various hints for an driving level or improvement of the time at hand.

Micro SD card for memory media.

It memorizes various set points and data using bundled 4GB Micro-SD Card.
Therefore, the exchanges of the data between drivers were enabled after being able to record information approximately endlessly.

Expansion devices terminal. (Use Brain Unit)

TAOII can do the setting and the data log of multi RC cars through Brain unit.
They have 2 ways connection method with Brain Unit and AIRIA. Because the connection is possible in separate with attached L shape connector cable other than a docking system too, you can choose a mounting place freely.
Furthermore, you can control various expansion devices that planned release via Brain Unit in future with TAOII.
You have to use a temperature sensor unit sold separately for the motor temperature detection.

The appearance            Pearl White w/ Champagne gold hair lined aluminum panel on back
Outer dimensions          52(W) × 105(H) × 11(D)mm
Weight                           78g
Battery                           Li-Po, DC3.7V, 1,800mAh
Charge Voltage             DC5V
Display                          2.2 Inches TFT Color LCD
Charging time               2hours to full charge
Operation time              Consecutive use 5 hours


TAO II                                                               1
Micro-SD Card (4GB)                                       1 
Brain Unit                                                         1
RX-2 Way cable                                               1
Brain Unit separate Connection Cable             1
AC Adopter for Charging                                  1             
Charge / Data transfer USB Cable                   1
Screws                                                              3
Instruction Manual (English)                             1
Function reference (English)                            1

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